Les 10 meilleurs citations du livre de Daniel Vacanti


Après avoir lu l’excellent excellent excellent livre Actionable Agile – Metrics for Predictability de Daniel Vacanti, j’aimerais vous partager les 10 meilleures citations du livre.

1. Delay is the enemy of flow.

2. Remember that being predictable is not completely about making forecasts. The bigger part of predictability is operating a system that behaves in a way that we expect it to.

3. Kanban cannot work because there are no commitments. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is just that the approach to commitment is very different than, say, Scrum.

4. The first thing to know about variation is that it will always exist.

5. Think about all the time you have wasted in your life doing estimation. Think about all the time wasting in « pointless » debates of whether a story is a two points or three points. Using these percentiles is a means to get rid of all that. Measuring to get an SLA allows us to adopt a much lighter approach to estimation and planning.

6. If a team follows all of the principles presented in this book, then the SLA can be used as a substitute for many upfront planning and estimation activities.

7. Use your Scatterplot’s percentiles to collaborate with your customers in choosing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your process.

8. Predictability is the ability to make a quantitative forecast about a process’s future state.

9. A forecast is a calculation about the future completion of an item or items that includes both a date range and a probability.

10. Whenever uncertainty is involved then a probabilistic approach is necessitated.

11. The older a work item gets, the greater chance it has of aging still more.

12. The second reason is that CFDs (Cumulative Flow Diagram) are for looking backward.

Je sais. Il y en a 12 finalement. Honnêtement, j’ai pris plus de 50 notes dans cet excellent excellent excellent livre. Je me suis arrêté après 12 mais j’aurais pu facilement vous les beurrer ici, vous auriez trouvé ça trop long pis seriez retournés sur Facebook regarder des photos de chats.

By the way, Vacanti sera au Québec dans la semaine du 14 novembre pour donner ses cours Kanban. Le 14 novembre, il donne le cours Kanban Avancé à Québec. Et les 17 et 18 novembre, il sera à Montréal pour donner son cours Intro Kanban. Des formations incroyables à ne pas manquer pour toute personne qui désire monter en compétences avec cette approche.

Bonne lecture!

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